Trial Visit Delayed

Justin’s appointment at Cedars-Sinai on June 3 had to be rescheduled. Justin has Shingles, which is a re-occurrence of the dormant chicken pox virus that apparently lives in us all until it’s potentially re-aggravated. We were afraid this would cause problems with his trip to L.A. for his final transplantation (injection) in the stem cell … Continued

“For a couple hours, I forgot I had ALS. I’ve never felt so loved” ~ Justin So much has happened in the last couple weeks that we haven’t stopped to post any updates! On Saturday, May 9, the Cincinnati hockey community joined together and surprised Justin and Varen with a drive-by parade of support. We … Continued

Justin & Eric’s visit to Ceder Sinai for stem cell therapy

I got the chance to travel with Justin to LA for one of his stem cell therapy appointments. Justin has a hard time getting around these days so we put together a schedule for friends and family to travel with him to his stem cell therapy appointments out in LA. He has a hard time … Continued

February 11, 2020 – Today was Justin’s first transplantation of cells into his spine. The first half of the day was spent completing bloodwork, an EKG, and other pre-procedure measures. Then he was admitted to the hospital for a 24-hour stay. I was not allowed to stay for the procedure; Justin said it was uncomfortable … Continued

Today is bone marrow extraction day for Justin as part of the NurOwn trial at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. He had bone marrow extracted from 10 sites in both hips. It was a long day but the procedure went well and Justin is feeling ok, just a bit sore and tired. The bone marrow will … Continued

Justin's ALS Prayer