“For a couple hours, I forgot I had ALS. I’ve never felt so loved” ~ Justin

So much has happened in the last couple weeks that we haven’t stopped to post any updates! On Saturday, May 9, the Cincinnati hockey community joined together and surprised Justin and Varen with a drive-by parade of support. We watched in awe as 75+ cars drove past with people holding signs, honking horns, and shouting their support. Justin was visibly moved and said that for a couple hours, he forgot about ALS. It was  a day we’ll always remember, organized by friends we’ll never forget. Special thanks to Rod & Trish Rayner and Kevin & Linsey Brennan for putting the event together and going above and beyond to lift Justin’s spirits. We’re so thankful!

The next day, Kathryn Robinson from WKRC-TV/Local12 interviewed us about Justin’s diagnosis and the need for promising treatments to be made available to those with ALS. We appreciate Kathryn’s genuine interest and concern and hope to do more interviews like this so everyone knows how desperately the ALS community needs urgent action from the FDA.






Justin's ALS Prayer